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Imagine wearing your favorite rancher hat and the vintage cowgirl boots you snagged at the flea market, while rocking your favorite essential oil perfume with a crystal in the pocket of your favorite breezy dress. That's The Salted Olive -- boho, effortless, wild, and free. With just the right amount of salty, too. We like to call ourselves a little bit boho, a little bit magic. 

From the interior of our mobile hat bar to the products in our shop, everything that's part of The Salted Olive is custom curated and intentionally crafted. Courtney believes in the power of energetic currency, which is why she clears her own energy and sets positive intentions before even handling any of the goods. Her biggest purpose is to provide a safe space for women to create without judgment, and to encourage them to use their intuition when making decisions, which is what you'll find when working in our hat bar. Nothing is created here without energetic magic involved. And we can't wait to share that special magic with you.



Courtney is a former elementary teacher who always felt a drive to follow her entrepreneurial spirit and create a brand of her own. She started The Salted Olive as an online shop curated with handpicked vintage goods that she would go source herself on the weekends and holiday breaks. Her customer base grew as people knew her for her laid back, bohemian style that always had a bit of a twist. That little bit boho, little bit magic.


After welcoming her first daughter, Henley Oak, in the beginning of 2022, Courtney decided to shift her focus and use her creative vision to create custom hats for friends and family. If you know Courtney personally, you know she always has a hat on her head. After experiencing the power her hat gives her each day, she wanted to help other women wear their own "crown" and feel beautiful from the inside out. When others started asking to purchase her designs, she realized she was onto something.


But making a hat for someone else just didn't feel right, as she believes a custom hat is truly an extension of your energetic currency. Courtney wanted to be able to offer an immersive experience for others to come create hats of their own and to share her process with others. As a recovering perfectionist, Courtney finds tremendous value in giving women a safe space to create without any pressure or judgment - helping them use their intuition to make choices and find their own style. Enter the Mobile Hat Bar and our cute little vintage trailer, Rosie.


Courtney loves to see women step into the mobile hat bar and expand their own creativity. Through the experience of creating a hat that's completely their own in the company of their besties, she sees women gain confidence in themselves and connect with their closest friends. The emotional response and joy that comes from creating something of your very own is something Courtney will never stop thriving off of.


When she's not in the hat bar, you'll find Courtney working on her own designs at home with her husband, daughter, goldendoodle, and four chickens nearby. And at the end of the day, you can always find Courtney under the moon.

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